4 Hacks to Boosting your Lead Generation

4 Hacks to Boosting your Lead Generation

Lead generation is a priority in every digital marketing strategy. That’s because it’s a major stepping stone towards boosting your sales.

Lead generation is all about attracting the interest of prospective clients and then gathering their contact information. So, a lead is someone who indicates an interest in a company’s product or service in some way.

Collecting information can be pretty simple as you don’t necessarily need too many details – it can range from a name to an email address. Of course, the more information you gather, the merrier. You can have prospective clients fill out a whole form, but that’s time-consuming, and so people are likely to give up along the way. All you need to remember is that every piece of information gathered is valuable.

So, the challenge is getting the prospective customer to the endzone. Below we’ll outline a few hacks to help you boost your lead generation.

1. Use Multiple Tactics

The aim of the game is to get prospective clients to provide their information, whether that’s their name, email address, phone number or even postcode. So, make sure you’re capturing their attention from many avenues.

Affiliate websites are a key tactic here. Affiliates provide a portal to a new group of customers you may have otherwise not been able to access. Banners placed on the websites of affiliates guide prospective clients to you without you having to do anything. And if the affiliate is paid per lead generated, then everyone’s a winner.

Running a contest or a giveaway is a smart way to engage your audience and involve them. When prospective clients submit their information, you want it to feel like a natural step – not like you’re twisting their arm. By setting up a contest, you’re offering something in return, making it worthwhile for the lead to sign up.

Gated content is another way to generate leads. When content is gated, it means that it can’t be accessed by readers until they sign up or subscribe. Of course, it’s wise to have the majority of your content readily available to prevent anyone from losing interest. Still, a few gated pieces will encourage your audience to submit information to gain exclusive access.

2. Remember the AIDA Formula

If you and your affiliates can’t hold the attention of your viewer, there’s no lead generation. The marketing content you’re putting out needs to engage them. Otherwise, they probably won’t be interested in signing up for anything. Remember the AIDA formula when creating your content.

  • Awareness – Make the prospective client aware of your product or service. Tell them why they need it and what value it brings.
  • Interest – Once they show interest, make sure that they can access information about what you have to offer.
  • Desire – Tap into their desire so that they want your product and service rather than that of another brand.
  • Action – The prospective client is engaged and ready to take action, whether that’s to subscribe to a mailer, sign up for a webinar, or make a purchase right off the bat.

3. Break Down the Data

To maintain a competitive edge, you need to be constantly crunching the numbers. Analytical tools help you understand where you are generating the most traffic from. Different tools provide different data. For example, some offer heat mapping and highlight which areas of your website are targeted most by viewers. These kinds of insights help you better understand visitor behaviour and what you can do to boost lead generation.

Analytics are also a way of understanding which areas of your website are suffering. Once identified, you can go back to the drawing board and see how you can rework those sections.

Reviewing the data reinforces the importance of testing. Once your website, landing page, pop-ups, and banners are live, you can figure out what needs improving. Remember, there’s always room for improvement. So, don’t think that once your content has been created and shared, the work ends. Always try to determine new ways to gather leads and turn them into paying customers.

4. Optimise your Landing Page

Once an ad is clicked, where the viewer ends up will make or break a lead. Optimising the messaging and call-to-actions on your landing page is essential to keeping viewers engaged long enough to convert them into a lead.

Make sure your messaging is consistent across the board. You don’t want potential customers clicking through to your landing page and feeling as though they’re in the wrong place. The same message should be reinforced across all your marketing content so that the prospective client retains the information and is persuaded to take action.

Utilise powerful language across headlines and banners to evoke curiosity and encourage people to sign up. Carefully crafted headlines can also help improve your search rankings, opening your business up to a broader audience and, of course, more leads.

To Sum Up

Driving quality leads and engagement to your business won’t happen overnight. Applying a variety of hacks like those above will help you boost your lead generation. Think of it as a work in progress that you’re constantly looking to improve. After all, there’s no such thing as too many leads.

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