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Naffitive builds B2B native advertising relationships with agencies. All of our solutions can be easily implemented in your business goals. Contact us and get an action plan.

Naffitive will help you to handle all of your digital native advertising desires

Capture the millennials and also the new generations still because the older demographic of users that have embraced new technology. This new landscape makes it progressively tough for advertisers to completely reach their audience through previous strategies of advertising.

Ads Solutions for Agencies

All IAB sizes support

Native Video Ads

Video ads are the greatest thing! We place your video ad among the most trustworthy sites Your video will stand on its own and never be missed.

Promoted Sponsored Ads

The main advantage of that kind of ads is the possibility to deliver sponsored content that does not seem different to users than editorial content. The reader does not leave the site when they click to read your article.

Native in Feed Ads

In-feed ads have the largest variation in execution. Moreover, it’s one of the most effective methods to push targeted traffic to your content and lead the audience through the conversion funnel.

Search Engine Marketing Ads

Our team will help with the right keywords and bidding strategies, bringing your business to the top in the search.

Push On-screen Notifications

Push notification campaigns are replacing emails and becoming very effective. Get your audience attention before they browse the internet.

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