Marketing on Tik Tok: Worth it or Not?

Marketing on Tik Tok: Worth it or Not?

Tik Tok is a controversial application. Some love it, many hate it. The application received a lot of apprehension due to data privacy issues that have surrounded it, as well the way the Gen-Z generation behaves on the internet through the platform.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a video-sharing social platform that belongs to ByteDance. Users post short-from video content across different genres like dance, comedy, culinary, etc. Tik Tok is actually the international version of the Chinese app Douyin, but the two apps do not have related content.

Low business competition on Tik Tok offers massive outreach at a low cost.

How Does it Work?

Tik Tok marketing can be a great channel to bring traffic to your social media pages that are much more saturated and harder to grow. The platform has little competition and a unique algorithm that users can take advantage of. Due to Tik Tok’s reputation as a Gen-Z app, business owners might feel a bit intimated by the app. Actually, almost 40% of the users in the US are over 30.

You can create videos that last between 15 to 60 seconds, to which you can add effects and background music. People see your videos as they scroll through their feed. There are a lot of trends and challenges on Tik Tok that usually help videos go viral. Users can interact with the videos by liking them, posting comments or even sending direct messages.

Engagement rates on Tik Tok are very high; in fact, Tik Tok beats pretty much every other social media platform. Tik Tok’s algorithm is notorious for keeping people on the app by showing them the kind of content they are interested in. Users need to spend about a week or two on the app before content they are interested in most appears on their ‘FYP’ (For You Page).

How Do You Succeed On Tik Tok?

In order for your content to go viral on Tik Tok, you need to ensure it’s exciting and likely to keep people watching it and engaging with the video. The best way to create viral content is by adapting the same approach you are already using for your brand but embracing the trends and challenges that Tik Tok offers.

Similarly to blogging, you need to consider your topics of interest and your target audience. All the content that you produce must be interesting and engaging for the target market you are keen to attract.

What works best in Tik Tok is standing out and producing unique content that people can connect to. Unlike Instagram, where images are polished and perfected, Tik Tok embraces more natural and relatable videos.

Another crucial Tik Tok SEO trick is using hashtags. Think of Tik Tok hashtags as keywords you would add to your website. Make sure they relate to your business but are also trending on the app. When you search to choose hashtags on Tik Tok, the app gives you a variety of most relatable hashtags to try.

Is Tik Tok for you?

Despite the negativity surrounding the app, most digital marketers embrace the app for its versatility and the opportunities it offers when gaining new viewers. I suggest giving it a shot and seeing how it works out for your business.

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