How to Pick the Best Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Our last Naffitive blog post discussed some of the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches this year. Turns out, we have just scratched the surface, naming just the very crème de la crème of affiliate categories that bring profit. How does one pick the best affiliate marketing niche besides picking out one of the obvious choices we have listed in our previous post?

Let’s dive into some tools that can help you choose the best option for you and your ambitions.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Trying to find a perfect affiliate marketing niche? We hate to disappoint you from the start, but there is no such thing. Even when you come across a chance that seems like a goldmine to you, things can happen. Life can happen. Pandemics can happen.

The coronavirus spread got into every orifice of the global economy. A lot of people were forced to switch niches, even whole professions. Our lifestyles changed. Health and wellness skyrocketed up in product and service demand, people started asking for more eCommerce shipping options, and remote workers began looking for adequate technology for their needs.

All in all, our lives were disrupted, as did our interests and demands. So, it’s only natural that these changes are mirrored in affiliate marketing trends.

Thus, pick something you know and like instead of looking for one perfect topic to stick to. And don’t get yourself down when you realize you can’t control it all.


The mother of all decent marketing professionals! The blueprint is clear – you can’t start properly without doing some basic research.

You should collect as much data as possible about the affiliate marketing niches that piqued your interest. How? Here are some handy internet corners:

  • Google – Naturally, you should start by typing adequate search queries.
  • Marketing forums – These are places where the experts come together to share tips and tricks and advise beginners where to start.
  • Reddit – Sure, Quora is fine, but there is no more honest and detailed place for information that the mainstream has missed than Reddit!
  • Facebook groups – Niche Facebook groups regarding marketing can be lifesavers. Just beware of scammers and fake news aficionados!

The research you conduct should also help you spot the competitive verticals. Oh, a quick reminder – verticals are a broader term for ‘niches’ in affiliate marketing. Use the insight you gather to define your target audience, too.

Figure Out Monetization

Another essential detail of research – of course, you won’t pick something just because everybody else is doing it (partly because the competition is just too vast then). Still, you also don’t want to choose a barely profitable niche.

Search for the best affiliate programs and analyze the terms they offer. Remember, programs with higher commissions also have items and services that are not that easy to sell. Another thing people leave out of their minds sometimes is the issue of seasonality. In other words, it is the item or service you want to promote more in demand in some seasons than in others.

Look at all the monetization pros and cons before you make a decision.

Check the CPC of Keywords

All keywords have their CPC. The acronym stands for cost-per-click, and you should check the said cost before you conduct your business.

This is useful because it gives you a picture of how much you will spend if you compete for pay-per-click traffic and sales in your chosen niche. Google AdWords can assist you in finding out who your competitors are and how widespread other keywords are.

Checking CPC of keywords lets you know the average CPC, but bear in mind that a higher CPC number may indicate that you are looking at a niche that has both higher stakes and higher profits.

Test Some Affiliate Verticals

You can’t keep researching forever. At some moment, more precise action is needed. The most excellent way to discover which niche is profitable and suits you is to pick one and test it out. Begin promoting services and items from a particular vertical.

Nothing beats actual sales and profit analysis numbers.

Begin by testing niches with the most renowned affiliate programs from the world since these are great platforms for novices.

Now Get Out There and Conquer the World!

These were your two posts that prepare beginners for the most well-known marketing niches. Now that we have covered the basics, you will quickly get the appeal of Naffitive’s offer for publishers. Learn how to capture audiences with ease and earn commissions like a seasoned professional.

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